Friday, 29 July 2011


Hello my dear lords and ladies,

I've been recently umming and aahing whether or not to get a tattoo, and although I'm currently leaning towards the idea, I am currently penniless so there's no way I'll be tattooing up for a few years!
I've never been one to fancy a tattoo simply because I had my lip pierced when I was younger than after four years I decided to take it out cos I didn't want it anymore.. Now I couldn't do that with a tattoo :-S But would I want to? Or would I always see it as a mark of my personality and something I was proud of? I always worried that I'd regret it 'when I was older' but then I realised that I'd most likely laugh and reminisce on a time when I was young and carefree and felt free to express myself. In 100 years my body will be gone into dust.. so would it really matter if it had a bit of ink mixed in? I do also think that the majority of people my age and older that are tattooed is a much higher proportion than it was when my Mom and Dad were growing up - so that age group perceive it as kinda bad I reckon - but when all us get older we'll have seen tattoos all our lives and an older tattooed person will just look normal and totally acceptable. All these thoughts have been whizzing around in my mind of to tattoo, or not to tattoo.

sexwithgirls:  omfuckinggod

Below are a few designs I particularly like ....

The anchor really speaks for my love of marine biology and being out on the open ocean, and the roses and bows just add the pink girly touch that is just me all over :-)

I LOVE the tattoo below - especially the position as it's in such an intimate place and means I'd nearly always have clothes covering the majority of it up so it'd be personal to me, but also be a tattoo that wouldn't cause problems finding a job and whatever other problems being tattooed up might bring. I'd have the rose changed slightly and it coloured in too :-)

AMAZING TATTOO seriously considering getting something similar to this :-)

Have you guys got any thoughts/views? Show me your ink! :-)


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  1. i've got 2 so far. one on my lower back on teh right hand side and one on my left hip kinda like the rose picture you have. the one on my back is 6 chinese characters (my mum n grandmum's name). the one on my hip is of an orchid and a lily on a vine as my chinese name means beautiful orchid and my sister's is beautiful lily. i love both of mine but i would say definitely be sure it is what you want and where you want it. in regards to colour, mine are both black and white. colour tends to fade and i find that black and white tattoos are much niver than coloured ones as some can look tacky...but that's just my opinion. xx


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