Thursday, 14 April 2011

Developing your own style

Hello lovelies!

So a subject that's often in my mind is style and fashion - so I wanted to blog about what inspires me, who inspires me, and how to find your own style and be fully confident in your skin! :)

The writing in this picture above really gets the essence of this blog in just one sentence,

'my beauty comes from having my own style, living my own way and knowing my own mind'

This is so true! Strong, inspiring, well dressed women are women that really know their own mind and this comes through from every pore in their body! They always looks stylish and amazing as you can tell their wearing clothes, makeup and hair that really sing to their soul. Now as celebrities, this is much easier moneywise! I am often held back from wearing things that I really love and am inspired by simply because I can't afford to buy them, and instead have to make do with dull drab clothes that I find pretty soul deadening! However, celebrities also have their confidence on the line - for example they might wear exactly what they want to, but the press might pull them down so much that they end up feeling unconfident in stuff they love! :(
So in short, what I'm trying to say is don't let others pull you down, don't let the fear of what people might say stop you wearing what you'd love to!
I always was worried about what people would say or think about me, until I took a big plunge (ie dyeing my hair pink) and then now I just don't care! People have made mean comments about it, people have said they love my hair... but what really matters is that I LOVE IT! I've done it for myself, I've empowered myself and shown myself that the times you feel at your best and at your most confident is when your styling your self and acting they way YOU want to!
So do it! If you're not ready for a big plunge try something small, maybe a ring you though was 'too out there' but you secretly loved so much, maybe some crazy socks that really speak to your soul.... just wear something that makes you feel that little bit more like you.
Don't hold back! Don't let excuses like work clothes, your too fat/too thin.... get in the way of your style update! Shock everyone and put a huge dose of your personality out there into the world via your clothes, makeup and hair! Bet you'll get THOUSANDSSSSSSSSSS of compliments! Just try it :)

Here's some examples of what makes me feel more like 'me' :)....

These red shoes, oh my, they speak directly to my heart!!!

My crazy pink decora phone case - I'm so inspired by Japanese fashion, and of course pink things, that this phone fits my personality down to a tee. Yes people might think it's childish and ridiculous, but I LOVE IT and that's all that matters.


These shorts are right up my street, I love pastel colours, as well as the pretty yet grimey effect - but at the minute I'm not overly confident about my tree trunk legs, but I'm working on getting them a little slimmer and more toned, and then hopefully some hot shorts like this will be in my wardrobe, inspiring me and making me feel like me! :)

Boy I love these leopard wedges, if I had the money and super slim legs I'd be wearing these babies too!

And now I thought I'd compile a list of women I really feel exude their own style amazingly.

Are you feeling style and fashion inspired?


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