Monday, 25 April 2011

RANT: Tattoos, hair colours - and people sticking their oar in!

Hello my dears! :-)
Well today I want to blog/rant about something that is very close to my heart, and it has really come to light a lot to me in these past few days.
First, I'd like you to read this 'ask' I got on my tumblr today (people can ask anonymous questions on there)...

I was very shocked and saddened to receive this, but also I feel it highlights a lot of society's ridiculously naive ideas about people that look 'different'. Since I've had pink hair, a lot of people have commented on it, some saying they really dislike it - to my face! Now, would anyone do that if someone had just been to the hairdressers just to have it trimmed - NO! It's so mean and I don't see why just because I have 'different' hair people feel they can say what they want, it is NOT an open opportunity for meanies to put their two penneth in, it's me showing my individuality and styling myself how I want to.

But, I have noticed recently there is a problem with more than just hair! I wore these beautiful tights the other day (£2.50 from Primark, bargain, and amazing design!)...

And wore them to the garden centre, where I was tutted about my atleast three older people and it was quite easy to hear them loudly whispering about 'youth of today' and 'disgusting'. Now for a start, they were TIGHTS not tattoos, but that's not the point, who the hell do these people think they are commenting on personal parts of myself! I wouldn't walk past and say 'Look at her long skirt, she's obviously so old and just dresses herself hideously' - I'd expect a wallop! But us young un's (and older ones who decide to dress how they want) and are expected to grin and bear it when people feel they can say what they like about how we style ourselves. That day, in fact, I was feeling pretty great and really loved wearing my new tights, so just shook their stupid comments off, but imagine if I was feeling really down! Aah people, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!

Something that really gets me mad though, is that people feel they can comment on someones tattoos with mean comments! People have chosen to have this bit of art on them for the rest of their life, it may be personal, it may mean nothing - but it is not an open invite for a barrage of rude comments!

Personally I find a lot of tattoos beautiful and love hearing the stories behind them - I'd never say oh that's gross - the owner of that tattoo will remember your comment forever!

Peoples bodies are their own canvasses, they can decorate them however they want. Hair will grow out and be dyed a different colour, makeup can be wiped off, clothes will be grown out of and styles will change - but we will remember the comments you made, and who said them! I personally will never forget who has rudely commented on my hair, who has tutted at me, who has belittled me or made me feel like nothing, - they are mean unthoughtful people and I will dissociate myself from them!

Do not let yourself become one of these people, that people remember all your bad comments!

Look at all these beautiful people above with tattoos designed and chosen around their loves and hates, their lives, things that inspire them and mean stuff to them! Tattoos are amazing body art, and people confident enough to make such a statement visible to others about themselves should be admired!

Rant over, hope you guys agree!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

FaceON Magazine

Hello makeup and beauty lovers!

I need to tell you all about the most AMAZING makeup magazine EVER! Makeup lovers will know what I mean when I say it's so disappointing when you get a normal magazine and they only dedicate a few pages to makeup and beauty stuff! I used to feel like crying out MAKE A MAKEUP MAGAZINE! And my prayers have been answered! FaceON magazine is a magazine based in the UK and it might be quite a new project, but it's well on its way to stardom!
Makeup artists or photographers can submit their work to have the chance to have it featured in the magazine - what an amazing idea! The mag is filled with makeup artist tips, new product reviews, product recommendations, inspiring spreads, 'how-to' makeup looks... boy it's SO INSPIRING! I have pored over the last three articles I've had and honestly I read EVERY WORD of it! I don't do that with any other magazine! I really recommend it to any makeup artists and photographers out there, but it's also amazing for artistic and creatives looking for inspiration, as well as the general public who love makeup!

Each issue is £4.95 - and it's worth every penny, it is honestly so inspirational and fun to read! Buy it here;

Or if you fancy reading more about it before you buy, look here...

Like them on facebook here,

GET IT! It's amazing :)
Let me know what you think


Developing your own style

Hello lovelies!

So a subject that's often in my mind is style and fashion - so I wanted to blog about what inspires me, who inspires me, and how to find your own style and be fully confident in your skin! :)

The writing in this picture above really gets the essence of this blog in just one sentence,

'my beauty comes from having my own style, living my own way and knowing my own mind'

This is so true! Strong, inspiring, well dressed women are women that really know their own mind and this comes through from every pore in their body! They always looks stylish and amazing as you can tell their wearing clothes, makeup and hair that really sing to their soul. Now as celebrities, this is much easier moneywise! I am often held back from wearing things that I really love and am inspired by simply because I can't afford to buy them, and instead have to make do with dull drab clothes that I find pretty soul deadening! However, celebrities also have their confidence on the line - for example they might wear exactly what they want to, but the press might pull them down so much that they end up feeling unconfident in stuff they love! :(
So in short, what I'm trying to say is don't let others pull you down, don't let the fear of what people might say stop you wearing what you'd love to!
I always was worried about what people would say or think about me, until I took a big plunge (ie dyeing my hair pink) and then now I just don't care! People have made mean comments about it, people have said they love my hair... but what really matters is that I LOVE IT! I've done it for myself, I've empowered myself and shown myself that the times you feel at your best and at your most confident is when your styling your self and acting they way YOU want to!
So do it! If you're not ready for a big plunge try something small, maybe a ring you though was 'too out there' but you secretly loved so much, maybe some crazy socks that really speak to your soul.... just wear something that makes you feel that little bit more like you.
Don't hold back! Don't let excuses like work clothes, your too fat/too thin.... get in the way of your style update! Shock everyone and put a huge dose of your personality out there into the world via your clothes, makeup and hair! Bet you'll get THOUSANDSSSSSSSSSS of compliments! Just try it :)

Here's some examples of what makes me feel more like 'me' :)....

These red shoes, oh my, they speak directly to my heart!!!

My crazy pink decora phone case - I'm so inspired by Japanese fashion, and of course pink things, that this phone fits my personality down to a tee. Yes people might think it's childish and ridiculous, but I LOVE IT and that's all that matters.


These shorts are right up my street, I love pastel colours, as well as the pretty yet grimey effect - but at the minute I'm not overly confident about my tree trunk legs, but I'm working on getting them a little slimmer and more toned, and then hopefully some hot shorts like this will be in my wardrobe, inspiring me and making me feel like me! :)

Boy I love these leopard wedges, if I had the money and super slim legs I'd be wearing these babies too!

And now I thought I'd compile a list of women I really feel exude their own style amazingly.

Are you feeling style and fashion inspired?


Look Good Feel Better...and dealing with Trichotillomania. THE POWER OF MAKEUP

Hello beautifuls,

I have something very important and close to my heart to tell you all about - a charity called 'Look Good Feel Better'. On Tuesday, I took part in my first workshop for this charity, and boy it was amazing!

Let me tell you more about the company... Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a charity that organises workshops at cancer hospitals for women suffering from cancer. Beauticians, makeup artists and beauty therapists volunteer their time to lead these 2-3 hour workshops for patients to have an afternoon of pampering, and to take their mind off their suffering while they have a lovely time. Top makeup companies like the Estee Lauder brand donate millions (literally) of products to make up gift bags for the ladies, it's so exciting when they open them up, like Christmas! They get skin care stuff and makeup too, the look on some of the ladies faces when they were opening up their package was just wonderful, something I'll treasure! The volunteers then spend a few hours teaching the ladies how to use their new products - and how to deal with the side effects of their treatment. For example some types of chemotherapy mean cancer patients loose their hair - including their eyelashes and eyebrows. So us volunteers spent time showing them how to draw their eyebrows on so they look super natural, and how to use eye makeup techniques to take the focus away from their lost eyelashes. We also spent time showing them how to really massage their skin so that if it is dry (which it often is) from treatment, massaging moisture cream in will really benefit it and try and decrease dryness.
The transformation in the women from walking into the room looking glum and shy around other patients and ourselves - then to the beautifully made up women with glints in their eyes and cackling with laughter, gossiping and giggling, my it's amazing - one of the most heartwarming experiences I've ever had. One woman told me she rarely met other women with cancer, as at the hospital they just get treatment and keep their heads down, but she loved that at this pamper afternoon she met others in a similar situation to her and could chat with them and really discuss their feelings. Another lady suffering from hair loss badly - she was bald, was telling me about how when she gets her hair back she's going to have it all the colours of the rainbow! I sure hope she does!
I was so touched to be involved in something like this!
Well anyway, I'm writing this blog post to mainly raise awareness about this amazing charity - anyone involved in makeup or beauty please volunteer your time to this wonderful cause! Follow this link to find out more about taking part...

And ladies, if you are suffering from cancer and have been offered to go to one of these workshops, please take advantage of it! If not just for the amazing goodie bags!

Find out more information about this wonderful charity here;

If you're not a makeup artist or beautician but really want to help, why not donate here-

This charity really highlighted to me how makeup can really change a persons mood and confidence levels - I've had first hand experience of this; I'm sure you guys know the story about myself and dealing with trichotollomania? Trichotillomania is a type of obsessive compulsive disorder where by you pull hairs from yourself either with or without realising, it's a form of self harm, and seen as a coping method through stressful times.
I first began noticeably pulling my hairs (eyebrows and eyelashes) when I was around 13 - (I've always felt really stressed academically as I did well and had to try and keep up with peoples expectations, it was hard, and I also had a lot of personal emotional stresses at that time), so within about two months I had no eyebrows and no eyelashes! I had no idea what to do about it and how to hide my problem, so just went out with no makeup on, guess I must have looked kinda odd but a lot of people said mean things about how I looked and it really really got me down. I had no idea how to deal with it, and one day about 4 years after I'd lost all my brows and lashes I ended up on a MAC counter just begging them to help me! The lovely lady drew me on some eyebrows and showed me how to use false lashes, and oh how we both cried! I was over the moon, I looked normal! I felt so so beautiful it was untrue! :) And so from that day I really knew how much makeup can make a difference to your feelings, your confidence levels, to your self esteem, everything... and I think deep down that's part of the reason why I've pursued makeup artistry as a career. If you'd like more information on trichotillomania, follow this link;

If you think you have it, don't be ashamed! I was so embaressed at first and felt like a freak but now I feel like it's something I really need to raise awareness about! Sooooo many people suffer from it! For example, at the Look Good Feel Better workshop during the tea break a patient asked me why I have no eyebrows and draw them on, and I told her all about my trichotillomania and she looked at me flabbergasted! She was so shocked to hear that it was an actual condition, because her daughter does exactly the same thing! She couldn't wait to get home and put her daughter out of her misery and tell her that actually she had a medical condition, she wasn't some crazy hair pulling weirdo! The condition is soooo common, if you think you've got it, go to the doctors and ask for help! And experiment drawing eyebrows on and false eyelashes, you'll be amazed how different you feel :D

The Look Good Feel Better workshops and my example of makeup/trichotillomania really show the power of makeup, it can make you feel INCREDIBLE! Stop the haters moaning on about 'oh you wear too much' blah blah... makeup is such a powerful tool - be proud to wear your slap!

Lots of kisses,

Emily xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My favourite pink MAC lipsticks!

Hello my dearies,

As you must all know by now, I LOVE PINK! :) My hair's pink, my bedrooms pink, my nails are pink.. and my lips are alwaysssssss pink! So I thought I'd give you guys a list of my favourite MAC pink lipsticks :D

First up and top of my favourite list is 'Snob'. It's kind of a rude name haha, but I love it! It's a really girly baby pink but it has a muted grey and blue tone to it that means it's not in your face at all. With a slick of gloss over it it just looks amazing! Or alone.. This is my 'most worn' lipstick :)

Next is 'Angel'. Oh how myself and gorgeous Kim Kardashian love this lipstick! It is just so beautiful, again a muted pink, but even more 'muted/toned down' then 'Snob'. It's perfect for everyday wear, but also sets off a smokey eye amazingly well. I love this one! It just adds that bit of glamour when you have a little makeup on and just want to feel super sexy! Lovely! :D

Another colour high on my 'most worn' list, is 'Viva Glam Gaga I' (ie the pink one from her first campaign, not the peachy nude one that's out now). It's such a bright fun happy pink that really just makes me smile! I also love wearing it knowing that every penny of my fee for that lipstick has gone to helping people out there less fortunate than me. The pink is really blue toned so suits a lot of skins and I must admit you might need a bit of courage to wear it at first, but once you've worn it once you'll love it! :D

Lovelorn is a louder version of Angel - there are more peachy and pink tones in it and it comes off just that bit brighter and more in your face. I wore it today with no liner on or gloss and it went on smoothly and gave me lips a beautiful hint of pink, I loved it! It's been in the back of my makeup drawer for too long, and it's definitely going to be high on my 'most worn' list before I know it. As it's a lustre formulation it's soft and creamy enough to be worn alone and your lips will feel so lovely and nourished :)

What're you fave MAC lipsticks? I'd love to know!


Armpit Hair... Be gone!

Hello dearies!
So last Friday I had my roots bleached and dyed pink at the hairdressers, and while I was there I was talking to the beautician about all sorts (I'm such a chatterbox!) and then we decided I should get my armpits waxed! Now I've never had anything waxed before, and I absolutely hate people touching my pits for some reason haha, it sends shivers all over me, I hate it!
Soo while I was waiting to have my hair straightened, she (I can't for the life of me remember her name! But she was lovely!) laid me on her beauticians bed and we both held my skin taught as she stroked on some warm wax, and then pulled it off! Now I'd been expecting the worst pain in the world and that I'd cry and run out and not be able to move for months, but actually.. it was ok just really stingy for about 3 seconds then a dull sting for about 10 minutes after! And now, my armpits are super smooth and the hairs wont even start growing for agesssssss! Cos waxing pulls the root out too!
I would really recommend it, it did hurt a lot, but the pain was over before I knew it! I'm very happy with the results, and it was only £6! :D
So now my armpits look silky smooth like this :D...

And here's a picture of me and Dan in our new house, and my with my pinked up roots :)

Let me know if you fancy a wax! :)