Monday, 28 March 2011

Want to be VERY fake tanned?

Hey sweeties,

So the other night when I got out of the bath my skin was super pale, red and blotchy - just gross! I really dislike my natural skin tone, so always wear dark foundation and fake tan (when I remember haha).. Well, what with moving house I managed to misplace my usual go to fake tanner - St Moritz instant self tanning mousse and my tanning mitt.

So I made a makeshift self tan creation, and it was AMAZING! I exfoliated with exfoliating gloves and Sanex Dermo Sensitive Bath/Shower Wash (it's amazing, my eczema loves it!), the only bath/shower wash that never ever irritates my skin! :)
Then when I got out of the bath I moisturised my dry bits and problem tanning areas (like knees, ankles, elbows, face...) and dried myself off. The using Primarks tanning mitt, St Moritz instant self tanning mist and St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Mousse I created my own self tanner! And boy was it fab! I used a good huge squirt of St Moritz, and a huge squirt of mousse too for each 'limb' and really rubbed it in to ensure there was no naughty dark or light patches. The only problem was the mist really sets into your skin in about 5 seconds, so you have to rub hard if any bits stain darker than others, but if you're quick off the mark this shouldn't happen! :) I went out that night and was super brown! But then, next morning, I woke up, and when I looked into my mirror I almost fell off my chair!!! I was SO BROWN! More tanned than I've ever been by going on holiday! I reckon the gradual tanner was really accentuated by the normal fake tan, and led to a super hot tan!

Just make sure you end up like this;
don't end up looking like this!...

Top ways to remove patchy fake tan;

Rub lemon juice and sugar onto the area with a cotton pad.
Spot or exfoliating pads will remove bad bits!

Try out my magical mixture, or create your own! :)

Another important thing to remember is that fake tan does not harm you in anyway at all, a natural tan from on holiday or even in the garden at home is so so dangerous! I've studied this at college and uni and cannot stress enough how dangerous the suns natural rays are! It causes damage for years that you can't see, so skin cancer is increasing in chance on your body and you don't even realise! Sun beds are even worse! They are like a concentrated holiday in about 10 minutes - think about all the sun cream your mom daubed you in when you were on holiday! It was on for a reason! Our skin is so delicate! You see all those wrinkly ladies that are super brown, the excess wrinkles are due to the suns damage!!!! Try and wear an SPF in your foundation or moisturiser, or just wear sun cream everyday (even in winter in the UK!), and I guarantee you'll be wrinkle free for a lot longer! Become a fake tan ambassador like me! :D Plus it's so more convenient! If you're looking a bit pale before a night out you can't just nip on holiday to look browner! With fake tan you can :D Enjoy experimenting, and keep sun safe,


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