Monday, 28 February 2011

La Boutique Photoshoot

Hello beautiful guys and dolls!

So yesterday was a photoshoot that I'd been looking forward to for a long time, and even though it meant a 7am start on a Sunday, it was so so so much fun. The shoot was close to my heart as it involved some of the best friends and most lovely people I've met during my time at St Andrews, and as I've finally got my moving date for going back to Sheffield (on Wednesday, 2 days!), it was quite poignant that one of my last shoots up here was with these beautiful girls. Also, it was in La Boutique, my favourite shop in St Andrews! It's full of shabby chic stuff, Cath Kidston things, ball gowns, gorgeous jewellery - a girls heaven! We managed to get to shoot in the shop as on the bridal fayre I did in January with Sandra, I met Lucy, who models, but also manages La Boutique - what a beautiful coincidence that I met her and had this girly shoot planned - it all snowballed perfectly into one amazing shoot! Add in a wonderful photographer who I've wanted to work with since forever - and it was perfect!
We went for ball themed looks with strong evening style makeup, lovely styled hair (by Hayley Bannister, the blonde one :) ) and beautiful ball dresses. I so wish I had a ball to go to! :) Although some of the price tags were slightly hefty! £235 in the sale for the beautiful short black dress Mie wears in some of the shots.
I brought my Mom and Danny along as Dan was off work and Mom was up visiting, and they both said they really enjoyed watching me work as well as being in a photoshoot environment :) My Mom got hold of my camera and actually took some super good 'behind the scenes' pictures which I've added below! I'm very impressed with her! We might have a new photographer on our hands :)
Well, this was an absolutely amazing shoot which I loved being a part of, I really hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

I've included some behind the scenes shots for you guys to see, and then closer to the bottom are the official pictures :)

Me and Hayley post shoot!

Hayley looking fierce!

Here are the official photos by Bailey Marie Photography that have been released so far :)
Find Bailey here;

Model; Leanne Neicho

Model; Hayley Camis

Model; Hayley Bannister

Model; Mie Maxwell-Smith

You can see more shots of this shoot and the Up! quirky wedding shoot on my facebook group page;

Thank you to everyone that was involved!


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