Thursday, 6 January 2011

Love-Makeup Order

Hello sweeties,

I had a nice visit from the postman this morning with my order from love-makeup.. aah I couldn't believe how much I'd ordered, it was so exciting unveiling it all! :)
I think cos I ordered so much they popped me in a very NYX brow pencil and the OCC mixing palette, so thank's love-makeup! :)
It felt like Christmas looking at it all! My favourite things that I've looked at are the Sugarpill loose eyeshadow, it's in an amazing colour, the NYX pigments - every single one of them is BEAUTIFUL, the OCC lip tars, and the Lime Crime lipsticks. I'm SO excited to try all this stuff out! If there's anything you can see in particular below that you'd like me to tell you more about, and what I think, let me know!

Emily xoxo

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