Saturday, 15 January 2011

Accessorize... With Beautiful Rings!

Hello my dears!

As you guys know I popped in Accessorize the other day and got myself some fun fancy dress bargains in the sale, but when I was paying I couldn't help but notice some of the beautiful rings they have on offer. Now Accessorize always have lovely rings - but these were particularly special, definitely the best choice I've seen them have for a while. I could have easily bought about ten of them! So I thought I best tell you guys about what lovely rings they have on offer! I looked through their website and here are my favourites from the rings selection. They range from £4 to about £15, not bad eh;

My favourite favourite ones are two from the top row(the pinky square one and the green one with the butterfly on the stone), and the huge purple stone one on the middle row :), and then the pink rose one on the bottom :)

Let me know if any of you invest!
Jewels and gems,

Emily xoxo


  1. i have been obsessed with buying new rings lately. i just got back from south africa and the amount of massive african jewellery i had to stop myself from buying was unreal. the markets are insanely good.
    i loooove that one with the huge purple stone - gorgeous!! :)
    you have an mazing blog! so cool! come check mine out?

  2. aaah you should take some pics and pop them on your blog! let me know if you do, i'd love to see!
    and same, the purple one's my favourite, aaaah i want it so bad haha! think it's £10
    and thanks so much for the compliment! i checked yours out too i really like it!

  3. I love accessorize! My favourites are the green and the blue stone ones :)

  4. I love their stuff this season too! I got the following 2 necklaces, one of which matches the flower ring on your post! x,4,shop,jewelleryshop,jewelleryshopnecklaces,4,shop,jewelleryshop,jewelleryshopnecklaces


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