Tuesday, 30 November 2010

all snowed in!

So today the snows come down and I'm all snowed in, so have treated myself (well, my credit card treated me) to some winter boots...

They're Dr Marten Triumph 1914 boots, can't wait to wear them :)

I've decided to give myself a bit of a style/hair/makeup overall, to be a bit more rock chick :) Here's my inspiration, she's called Lezlee and I was pretty good friends with her when I was younger, and I'm hoping to get my hands on her to do makeup for my portfolio! Isn't she beautiful!

I live about six hours from home now, so my little bunnies are a long way away! But my lovely brother has took these wonderful pictures of them for me in the snow..

This is Jack - he's almost 9!

And this is Wallace, who's 3 :)

I love them to bits :D Can't wait for big Christmas cuddles with them!

Hope everyone's enjoying being snowed in! I'm going to have a gingerbread coffee - you can get the syrup for £3.50 from Starbucks and it's delicious!

Gingerbread kisses,



Monday, 29 November 2010

MakeUp Favourites

So I've decided to do a post on my most favourite makeupy things! And all the things you'll find in my beloved makeup cupboard - yes, I have converted a cupboard into somewhere to keep all my wonderous things! :) I'll do it in order of how I put it on my dear old face..

Soap & Glory Wish Upon A Jar Moisture Cream
MAC Moisturelush Cream

MAC Prep + Prime Skin

Loreal True Match Foundation

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

ELF Cool Bronzer

MAC Eyeshadow in Mystery (used for eyebrows)

MAC 266 Brush to apply brows

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Eyeliner applied with MAC 210 Brush

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick
MAC Lipstick in Myth
Barry M Lipgloss in the brown shade!

And a spritz of Miss Dior Cherie

Then I take it all off at the end of the day with MAC wipes :)

What's your everyday makeup routine? Hope you enjoyed reading mine! :)

Lipstick kisses,

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Makeup Artistry on a Catwalk!

*here's the flyer of the fashion show*

Hello lovelies,
Yesterday was such a fabulisous day! :)
So I got all my makeup kit ready for the show, but had an email asking for the MUA's and designers of the fashion show to be there early to help set up the show.. I was kinda annoyed cos I was like I'm coming to do the makeup, not manual tasks! hahaha but I went along early anyway and I'm so glad I did, I met some lovely girls and had such a giggle - which really calmed my nerves!
So my first lesson of the day was never think you're too highly placed to do the menial tasks - they can be rewarding!
After that the other makeup artist, Olivia arrived and we set up our stuff... Look at my stuff all laid out :D

and that's not even half of my kit! Cripes, I definitely have a makeup buying obsession.. :)

So then along came the first model, Laurie, she was so pretty and beautiful and lovely! I had such a giggle with her applying makeup, she taught me how to say the classic Loreal 'Because I'm worth it' in french hahaha
'parce que je le vaux bien'

Here she is in all her prettiness...

Next up I did Miko, she was so lovely, from Seattle! She had such an amazing accent! However about half way though doing her makeup I started feeling so dizzy, I could see two lines when actually there was one, my skin was going clammy, I tried to ignore it, but in the end I almost fainted and had to take 5 minutes out to have a drink and eat some pizza with Miko (my lovely boyfriend Danny had bought me some as he knew I'd had no tea! - and bless him, he sat from 6 till 9 and watched me do makeup before we could go home! I'd been there since 4 - that's lots of makeup time = heaven!). I was scared Miko might have thought I was unprofessional for almost fainting on her and having to have a sit down, but she was lovely! :)
So lesson 2 of the day was don't ignore your body! If you feel ill take time out, no matter where or what you're doing!
Here's Miko with all her makeup on :)

Next I did Annika, I'd done makeup on her last weekend at the photoshoot, so it was great to work with her again! She has the most amazing eyes and lashes!
Here's me and her with her makeup done! And me with my colour back after my almost fainting episode!

I did Stefan next, my first male model, he was so lovely and so much fun! We had such a giggle! He's in the halls I was in last year, so we were laughing about the hideous food they create! Here my hand becomes famous while doing his makeup...

After Stefan I did a guy called Jonathons makeup - who was again great to work with. So far on makeup jobs I've been so lucky, all the models and people I've worked with have been wonderful!
Here's Jonathon far left, and Laurie far right, and little old me in the middle! The idea for the show was 'Green Fashion' - ie envrionmentally friendly, so Superdry donated some of their 'Green' clothes, and there were designs from student designers too, I particularly like Lauries top!

The makeup explained...:
my original idea was like the givenchy perfume advert, a lace mask.. first a stripe of black greasepaint across the eye area, then holding lace over this and stippling on pigment, so when the lace was removed, it looked like a mask was being worn! the pigment colours would be based upon the outfit colours... but then another girl franchisca (who had no kit and no brushes :/) decided that we should do the final idea chosen (that's in the photos).. I do love the final makeup, just wish I stood up for myself a little more! I must stand up for myself next time :) But the makeup did look pretty amazing when they were all together :)
We also concealed the lips and did extra pale makeup, and whited out their hair with Body Shop body powder.

From the left there's Annika, Miko and Stefan who I did makeup on (Olivia did the other two on the right). Nishy on the far right organised the whole event!

Here's me and Olivia the other main makeup artist

Our makeup station! *eek* all that beautiful makeup!

Stefan strutting his stuff, I did the guy on the far right's makeup - he was from Iran! But for the life of me I can't remember his name! Aargh!

Here's the models, some designers, the makeup artists (me! :D), and the organiser!
What a fabulous time!

Crazy catwalk makeup,
Emily xoxo

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

favourite songs at the moment :)

Favourite songs :)

I am so in love with JLS's song Love You More, I so wish they'd released it a bit later so it could have been Christmas No.1, I love emotional Christmas music hahaha
but everytime I hear this I sing along at the top of my voice, or my eyes well up cos of the words - definitely a good Children in Need song!

I'm also loving Rihanna, everything about her! Her style overhaul, red hair, beautiful makeup, music (especially her colab with Eminem!) but this new song with Drake is a treat too (where exactly does Drake feature?!) Look at this picture, she looks SMOKING HOT.

And as a lover of all cheesey things, I love McFly and Taio Cruz's new song! I can't believe it worked, that's like mixing milkshake with lemonade.. but it tastes good?!

Anyway my lovelies, the links are below for you to have a lovely listen :)

an excuse to buy more lippie! BUT, do i have a better idea?

I, for one, am SO excited! To celebrate Nicki's album release MAC have designed a lippy for her - and it's definitely her perfect shade - it even matches her hair haha
And for me it's definitely the perfect shade - it's like Barbie mixed into a creamy lovely lipstick! I defy any girl not to be excited by this!
Here's what Nicki said about it;

"I wanted a colour that represented female empowerment as well as euphoria. The colour makes you feel free to rule the world. It's sexy, yet fun. It pops! It's theatrical! It turns heads! No matter what your age, Pink Friday makes you feel like you're the life of the party."

Ok Nicki and MAC, that's nice and all, but I can't help but feel I had a better idea that could have incorporated all these ideas together too...
I know MAC do fab charity work like their Viva Glam line amongst other stuff, but why haven't they thought that pink represents almost all BREAST CANCER CHARITIES! Why not advertise Nickis album being out and let her be the ambassador and donate all the proceeds from this beautiful lippy to breast cancer research and have a beautiful little breast cancer symbol on the lipstick case - this could have promoted a breast cancer charity perfectly! And let all women wearing it feel empowered, as they were helping other women!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that have been a cool idea?!

Mind you, my little outburst of design ideas for MAC will most definitely NOT stop me trying to get my paws on this lippy! Can't wait to try it out :)

Happy pink lipstick day (almost),

Emily xoxo

Monday, 22 November 2010

Being a MUA for a photoshoot! And MUA foundation secrets...

Yesterday I did makeup for a magazine photoshoot, and oh my goodness, it was so much fun!
I arrived on time and set my stuff up and laid it out all neat, it was so nice to see all my makeup laid out so pretty - just like one of those photos on tumblr! I wish I'd have taken a picture haha!
The two models came, and my they were so pretty and had such lovely skin!
I sat the first one down and did my stuff, the photographer asked for fairly natural looking makeup with strong dark eyebrows, so that's what they got! Both models looked really striking when I'd done, I was so proud I'd done it myself! :)
I was left with such a warm glowy feeling inside, - I know that makeup was definitely something that lights a fire in my heart and keeps it warm!
The models were so kind, not nasty and snobby like you sometimes hear about! I loved chatting to them!
Hopefully I should get the photos soon, and then maybe I can show you!

Check Annika and Alix out in all their glory

BUTTT something I should mention for all the makeup lovers out there...
When I went to Kandee's glaminar she recommended Loreal True Match foundation over any other foundation out there, and I was like hold up! Better than MAC, Chanel, Armani.. all the stuff beauty gurus on the net hype about constantly?! So in Boots there was 3 for 2 on, so I got three different shades, a light, medium and dark shade for my kit, and oh my lordy! It's true! They are amazing! I scooted right on back after practicing with the stuff for a coupla weeks, and bought another four shades for my kit! The stuff is AMAZING! It has such a thin texture, like MACs face and body foundation, it smooths on perfectly with anything, your fingers, a sponge, a brush, and is so thin on skin you feel like you have no makeup on, but actually it's there all day long! The yellowey undertones in it make you look more tan and healthy, and the wide variety of shades they offer means you can create any shade you like for any skin! It truly is the stuff of the Gods, better than any MAC, Lancome or Clinuque I've tried - and is half the price!
It's £10.99 in Boots, but run there now and it's in the sale for 3 for 2, so you can build that MUA kit and save some pennies!
I'm sorry wonderful MAC, but Loreal beats you hands down here!

Foundation kisses,

Thursday, 18 November 2010

my freelancing adventure begins!

so next friday i'm doing makeup for a fashion catwalk - OH MY GIDDY GOODNESS! haha i feel so responsible and i just hope i do the clothes justice! the designers all have amazing wacky ideas and i hope i can somehow bring the looks together to make the makeup cohere between models, but i'm not sure it's going to work.. one designer wants completely neutral, one wants smokey eye and nude lips, another wants face body art, another 80s makeup, another with body art on exposed skin in newspaper font... i hope it all doesnt look too crazy!
buuuuuuuuuuuuut because i've involved myself in this, i got an email today asking me to do makeup for a photoshoot this weekend! WOW :D i cant believe my freelancing stuff is finally taking off and i can build my portfolio up :) i just really hope the fact im mainly self taught with little/no experience isnt going to be obvious/a problem!
but at the glaminar, kandee said if you ever get scared or feel out of your depth, breathe deep and imagine you're the most inspiring person you can think of... so i'll have to do that, imagine i'm kandee, and maybe my makeup brushed will become magic wands and make things beautiful without my nerves and worrying haha

ooh remember i showed you the big pot of special effects makeup goodies i got from dauphines? well i tried them out on my lovely boyfriend danny while watching the xfactor - the result is hilarious! hahahaha

and a little treat for you all, i've just found an amazing website made by a makeup artist, showing all the stuff you should have in your kit! it's so helpful, but has once again made me want to spend spend spend! starting out in this field of work is sooooooooooooo expensive! i can't expect to get a good reputation with products like rimmel or barry m or sleek, but how do you get to make the money in the first place to buy good makeup, in order to get good makeup jobs haha?! thank the lord for overdrafts!
here's the website, check it out!

wish me luck on my first proper makeup jobs!
emily xoxo

Friday, 12 November 2010

Dauphines makeup and my mini haul!

Hello wonderful people!
So today the post man brought me this wonderful parcel...

Opening all the little parcels and packages, I felt like I was 5 again. There was iridescent glitter, clown paint, glitter spray, bald caps, glow in the dark paint, face paint palettes, gold and silver fine particles, anti shine powder, dust and she powder, liquid latex, spirit gum, tooth paint....
So now my special fx kit has gone from zero to hero! It was a big investment, but so worth it!
As I opened the stuff and smelt and fiddled with it, my eyes welled up. I finally was interested in something and happy and excited and I had ideas filling up in my head of the fun I was going to have. I haven't felt like that for a while (not since I saw Kandee!), and I cried a little as I realised how lucky I am to have something I love so much, and can share with others!
I'm not a material girl really, but I love the way emotions can make you feel. Like when your painting you can feel completely at peace and calm. Or watching your favourite film might remind you of who you are again, when your soul might be feeling lost.
I'm so glad I've bought myself all this stuff to add to my kit, and can't wait to unleash myself on some models!
But on another matter, it was Dauphines where I bought all this stuff from... Their website is
The website is full of all these precious makeup goodies! You can sit on it for hours and hours and marvel at the fun stuff they sell! So I made my order on Wednesday evening, and yesterday a nice lady rang up to go through my order and just told me what they didn't have in stock and similar stuff I could have instead. Now this might nark some people off, but she was sooo lovely and helpful, she knew all about the products, and recommended what was best for my needs! I really recommend the staff their! And then she sent it right on out, and the postman bought it to my flat today, all perfectly wrapped with nothing broken! :)
I can't wait to start doing some looks!
Also I designed myself some business cards! Check them out... (ive watermarked them so we don't get no stealers! hahaha)

What do you think?
Kisses and special fx makeup