Sunday, 3 October 2010

So ill :(

Today I feel so ill, got a bad bout of freshers flu! But I've not even been out in freshers! I'm all snuffly, snotty, coughy and feeling sorry for myself.. Fingers crossed I'll feel better before this hectic week begins, none stop lectures and labs! Aargh!

So today I'm going to get all snuggled up, maybe have a lovely bubbly bath, read my makeup books, watch x factor and work on getting myself back to health!

When I'm feeling like this I don't really bother with makeup, but products I find that make me feel that bit better are the MAC wipes, just to get all the grime away, and then MAC studio moisture fix, to make dry tight skin feel so nourished. However, my lips are going uncared for at the minute! Just not sure which lip balm to invest in... maybe just bog standard vaseline?

Anyway, cough syrup and smiles,
Emily x

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